MRF: Multi-Resolution Filtering

Multi-Resolution Filtering is a method for isolating faint, extended emission in Dragonfly data and other low resolution images. It is implemented in an open-source MIT licensed Python package mrf. Please read van Dokkum et al. (2019) for the methodology and description of implementation.

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Basic Usage

from mrf.task import MrfTask
task = MrfTask('m101-df3-task.yaml')
img_lowres = 'M101_DF3_df_r.fits'
img_hires_b = 'M101_DF3_cfht_r.fits'
img_hires_r = 'M101_DF3_cfht_r.fits'
certain_gal_cat = 'gal_cat_m101.txt'
results =, img_hires_b, img_hires_r, certain_gal_cat,
                output_name='m101_df3', verbose=True)
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Please check Tutorials for more details.


mrf is a free software made available under the MIT License by Pieter van Dokkum (initial development) and Jiaxuan Li (implementation, maintenance, and documentation). If you use this package in your work, please cite van Dokkum et al. (2019).

You are welcome to report bugs in mrf via creating issues at

Need more help? Feel free to contact via and


Many scripts and snippets are from kungpao (mainly written by Song Huang). Johnny Greco kindly shared his idea of the code structure. Roberto Abraham found the first few bugs of this package and provided useful solutions. Here we appreciate their help!